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Want To Meet The Key Opinion Leaders Of Neurology?

If you are a patient diagnosed with or fighting any Neurological Disorder/Disease or if you attend to somebody very close who has been diagnosed with a Neurological Disorder, then read along to see what we have for you and your near ones to get a up close look at latest treatment methods & to meet the best of the best practitioners from around the world, under one roof. If you want to explore this for better healthcare & treatment options for the ailing person, then please fill the form and let us know your interest.

Congress Makers Limited – CML is a global entity with an

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in-house network of companies based in UK, US & Netherlands. Originally, we worked with Travel Agencies, Pharmaceutical Companies, Medical Equipment Manufacturers, International Distributors of Medicines, API Manufacturers and Doctors who wanted travel services to participate in International Medical Congresses.

Conferences like ERS draw over 30,000 registered participants in all categories. ERS is the best place to learn about development in chest science. Similarly there are specialties wise International Congresses/Conferences where attendance of patients or attendants is now being allowed on request basis.

We have developed a list of 15 Top Congresses For Neurology, where most recent developments are discussed are these conferences are most followed by Neurologists.

These congress/conferences are the best place to learn about latest & most effective treatment methods, latest medicines available, upcoming & most advanced equipments being used and most importantly you get to hear & meet the most professional, successful & competent medical practitioners, who would have an answer to all your ifs and buts, which sometimes we do not get answers to when visiting hospitals or doctors for treatment.


We aim to try and get you as close as possible to the best source of information in the area you need help with and we are committed to ensure this happens with all the comfort. We will make sure you get answers to all your questions and you get a new ray of light & hope to help fight the disease/ailment better & with more positivism.


CML has been engaged in organizing travel for the health care professionals and companies for a decade. With years of experience, we have now designed packages suitable for anyone who has a family member suffering from any kind of Neurological disorder or disease.

  • Manually attending conferences globally, we have shortlisted the best ones for people to attend and utilize the only opportunity to meet the best of Neurologists under one roof when they meet for a symposium or an annual congress.
  • Doctors/medical professionals are mandated to maintain certain CME points every year. Continued Medical Education also known as CME is an important function to keep doctors updated and International CME’s fetch maximum points for a Doctor.
  • We take this opportunity to plan your travel in a way that you get to participate in the CME where Neurologists and companies are making discoveries in the field of neurology.
  • Neurology Tourism as the name suggest, is an experienced company in managing travel for people wanting to travel for participating in International CME’s globally. Based out of London, UK we have our global outreach through our offices in Delaware, US & Breda, Netherlands. Our back-office operations are in India, Asia.

You can search by a particular destination of your choice to see if there is any upcoming CME scheduled there. Alternatively you can also see the pre-packaged offers based on our experience of helping over 50,000 doctor’s travel for CME’s. 


We publish the list of diseases that are currently being researched and practiced globally for users to select the right conference. The research is always driven by the number of people facing the diseases. More research is done on diseases that have major impact.


Our packages have been hand designed by experienced counselors who have over 100 years of consolidated work experience only in organizing travel for the healthcare industry for attending International Medical Congresses.


Enter the place of your choice and see if we have any shortlisted congress or CME happening there.


Patients who would like to be updated with latest information on their specific health condition related to Neurology or attendants or family members of Neurology patients.

If you are the one fighting a disease, or are the one taking care of an ailing person, then attending such congress/conference will enlighten and enrich you with wisdom about all that is new and all that is effective in the field of medical science to help you towards your path of recovery and healthy living.

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